W8 system

don’t lose your fire!

No gas on the van? No holiday!

Ever wondered how much gas is left in your cylinder? Up until today, you could not get a reliable answer.
Motorhomes and caravans use gas for hot water production, cooking, refrigeration, and heating, which are all essential to your everyday life, especially on holiday!

Now you can use a measuring device that allows precise measurement of gas consumption, so you can enjoy your holidays without worries.

No gas?

No fridge!

No gas?

No shower!

No gas?

No heating!

No gas?

No stove!

If you don't want your vacation to turn into a nightmare, try W8 system.

W8 system is a consumption measuring device for gas cylinders that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the users' smartphones, tablets and computers and let them visualise:

  • the fill level of the cylinder in real time;
  • the date, time and place of the last refill;
  • the expected gas consumption range;
  • monthly, seasonal and annual consumption statistics;
  • warnings in case of cylinder valve left open;
  • unusual consumption levels;
  • the nearest filling station.
Functions from 2 to 7 will be available with the next release of the App

W8: weight system

Facts and figures

W8 system is a consumption measuring device for gas cylinders. Its special sensors can communicate data via Bluetooth to a specially developed application, both Android and iOS.

The shell is made of very light-weight polypropylene, highly resistant to any stress; it is completely self-installing and can be adapted to any gas bottle compartment.

It is 31cm wide and only 3.5cm high.

It is powered by AA batteries and has an autonomy of several months.

Connecting to your smartphone and tablet

A specially developed App, both Android and iOS, connects to the W8 system sensors via Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor the gas level of the cylinder directly through a smartphone or tablet.


App available on

Designed for camping and much more!

W8 system has been developed and designed for recreational vehicles, e.g. campers, caravans and motorhomes, but, given its ease of use and transportation, it can be also used to measure the level of gas left in BBQ gas bottles.

Prices and where to buy

W8 system

Produced and distributed by Brunner s.r.l.

NB. The reading device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) is not included.

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